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Soaked in the green Olympic Park, Grand Skylight CATIC Hotel, Beijing is close to the 2008 Olympics main venue -- the “Bird’s Nest”. When you are enjoying the hotel’s professional and warm service, you can also feel the Olympic passion and spirit with the geographical advantage in the Olympic Village Area.

Grand Skylight CATIC Hotel, Beijing is managed by Shenzhen Grand Skylight Hotel Management Co. Ltd. Guests can walk from the hotel to the splendid Olympic Green. Everything is handy in the hotel’s neighborhood and the traffic is also very convenient. With detailed services, we create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere which makes guests feel at home. After the 2008 Olympics, the hotel was awarded "The Best Olympic Hospitality Hotel" by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games.

When you walk into the hotel lobby and climb the long stair, you can find the well-decorated and tranquil TAI-CHI Chinese Restaurant. There are 14 VIP rooms with different sizes to serve all kinds of banquets. The biggest VIP room is very near to the 2008 Olympics main venue, which lets you enjoy the grand “Bird’s Nest” when you enjoy the meal. TAI-CHI Chinese Restaurant mainly serves Cantonese dishes. Born and raised in Guangdong Province, our chef began learning cooking at young age and makes unique Cantonese dishes. The restaurant’s classic lobster dish not only brings you extraordinarily culinary enjoyment but is also nice looking. Watercress which is cooked in spring water is favored by women diners who want to be healthy and beautiful. You can not only taste traditional Cantonese food, including shark fin, abalones and bird’s nest, but also dishes from other parts of China.

When you indulge yourself in the Yunshui Lobby Bar which features European style, you can not only enjoy the music and fine wines but also the “Bird’s Nest” landscape outside. When you walk into the elegant and cozy Elysee Western Restaurant, you can find all kinds of European food. Superb Western dishes by our top chefs and considerate and thoughtful service will make you feel at home. Elysee Western Restaurant will present special offers on delicacies, which will give you a surprise all the time. You can not only feel an exotic atmosphere here but also the charm of our warm service.

Among its 305 comfortable and cozy guestrooms, the unique Olympic View Rooms and Olympic View Suites are the best place for you to enjoy the Olympic Green landscape. You don’t have to go out to see “Bird’s Nest.” At night, you can walk freely in the Olympic Green to feel the cool breeze and in the morning, you can run beside “Bird’s Nest” and “Water Cube” which are soaked in the sunshine.

In addition to leisure and entertainment, we also provide professional service for business conferences. Our well-equipped conference rooms and the biggest multifunctional Yunhai Hall can host 650 people (theater style) for meetings. The hall is equipped with simultaneous interpretation facilities, video conference devices and other advanced digital conference equipment, providing high-quality professional conference services.

When you enjoy the hotel’s delicacies and outside view, our fitness center staff members are ready to serve for you. We have not only professional gym rooms and coaches, but also other leisure programs, including chess, poker, table tennis, snooker and pool table. You can enjoy the pleasure of sports after a busy business trip.

The harmonious hotel culture and quality service are key to the hotel’s existence. Grand Skylight CATIC Hotel, Beijing makes great efforts in doing so, improving staff members’ self-cultivation, providing strict and scientific staff training and assessment, holding a string of cultural events and trying to become a world famous hotel with quality service.

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