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Located in the southern area of the Olympic Green,the National Stadium was the main venue of the 29th Summer Olympics in 2008. Covering 21 hectare and with the floor area of 258,000 square meters,the stadium has 91,000 seats and 11,000 temporary seats. The National Stadium hosted the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics and Paralympics,track and field events and football final. The stadium will continue to host sporting and cultural events.

A shopping and entertainment complex,with a fitness center,catering services and exhibitions,are planned to help increase use after the Olympics In order to keep the Olympic legacy and let more people review the unforgettable moments of the Olympics,the National Stadium is open for tourists,who can visit the stadium,watch the clips of exciting Olympic matches and purchase souvenirs.

No.1,National Stadium Road South,Chaoyang District,Beijing
PC: 100101
Tel: 86-10-84373008

Distance to the hotel:
It is 200m away from the hotel,you can get there on foot.

Daily 09:00-17:00 (Further notice will be given if there are important events.)

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